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Our Frisco, TX clinic is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to sexual well-being. Our philosophy is that you are never too old to enjoy an active, fulfilling sex life and that sexual health is a key component of your overall quality of life. We proudly offer advanced techniques and treatment options to improve sexual performance, including the revolutionary REGENmax™ for both men and women. As a center dedicated to comprehensive sexual health, we also offer popular injectables, including BOTOX® and JUVÉDERM®, as well as laser procedures to help you achieve a more youthful appearance. To turn back the hands of time and enjoy sexuality, even at an advanced age, contact our center in Frisco, TX and schedule a consultation.

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Sexual Wellness Centers of Texas maintains a discreet clinic in the Frisco, TX area. While you wait, you will be treated to our luxurious amenities, including beverages, like coffee, wine, champagne, rum, vodka, and snacks.


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Our Frisco, TX clinic is led by a team of seasoned, compassionate professionals who all work together to help you achieve your optimal sexual performance. Each of our experienced team members values you as a patient and will strive to ensure you receive discreet and effective care, allowing you to enjoy sex, even at more advanced ages. Click below to learn more about our dedicated staff.

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"I went to SWC if Texas and met Jeff and his staff, they made me feel comfortable about my ED issues. I got the complete package and I must say, they did a great job getting me on track and at 59, it’s the best I’ve felt. I perform like I’m in my twenties, to the point my wife said, “put that thing away”. Although the package I chose is very expensive, it’s an investment in my life and I have conquered ED. It’s worth it, and I encourage any of you guys that have suffered from ED, to make that investment. It’s worth it. Thanks again to Jeff and his staff. They’re my heroes."



"After going here, I am convinced anyone could benefit from their knowledge. Not pushy at all, very informative and welcoming. I had a lot of questions and they took the time to answer them fully. If you’re even considering this, don’t walk - run to this place! Professional, efficient, discreet, and easy in and out. And the results…wow! My wife and I are both very pleased. I’ll be back for sure and now my wife is becoming a patient too. Yes!!"



"Finally! A place that is pleasant to visit & gets that "wellness" goes beyond just diet and exercise. The office is gorgeous and everyone is very professional. They made me feel very comfortable and offer a fantastic menu of services. I am so happy to find this gem!"



"I went here to increase the blood flow and Rejuvenate it’s just part of maintenance as we age. I am 42 get Botox and laser on my face why not keep the rest of your body looking and feeling good. They offer many solutions for men and women. Don’t delay make your appointment today you will thank me later. Your welcome :-)"



"Sexual Wellness Centers of Texas is a Godsend. I get my hormone pellets, laser treatments and most importantly- honest conversation and guidance from knowledgeable & forward thinking specialists. Age is literally just a number (if that). They’ve helped me to feel great while living the best part of my life. There are few things we can control and thanks to them I’ve regained and continue to maintain my vitality and zest for life."




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