Hormone Replacement Therapy in Frisco and Colleyville, TX

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About Hormone Replacement Therapy

Aging men and women often experience an annual loss of hormone production, leading to hormone imbalances. To improve your health and overall quality of life, hormone replacement treatments work wonders to alleviate the symptoms of hormone imbalances. At Sexual Wellness Centers of Texas, our team can perform the necessary consultations and hormone tests to determine the right form of hormone therapy to meet your personal goals. If you have been experiencing symptoms related to hormone imbalances, contact our center in Frisco or Colleyville, TX to schedule your consultation and learn how hormone replacement therapy can help you. 

How does Hormone Replacement Therapy work?

Ideal candidates for hormone replacement therapy can be men or women who experience symptoms related to hormone imbalances.

Men – The symptoms of hormone deficiencies in men include a lower sex drive, increased fatigue, difficulty sleeping, weight issues, erectile dysfunction, brain fog, and/or hair loss.

Women – The symptoms of hormone deficiencies in women include hot flashes, vaginal dryness, a decreased sex drive, anxiety, depression, frequent urinary tract infections, and increased fatigue.

At Sexual Wellness Centers of Texas, we perform a consultation and a blood panel to determine how we can craft an individualized treatment plan to help you enjoy an increased quality of life again. Typically, hormone replacement therapy uses special pellet implants that are inserted into the buttocks or upper/lower hip area. The pellet is then absorbed by the body. It is recommended that you do not participant in vigorous activity until the implant site is fully healed.

Experience Balanced Hormones

Hormone deficiencies can greatly impact your overall quality of life, including your sexual health. Our mission at Sexual Wellness Centers of Texas is to help you enjoy your sexuality as late in life as you desire. Hormone replacement therapy is one of many treatment options available to you at our Frisco or Colleyville, TX location. Contact us to schedule a consultation, and enjoy increased energy and optimal health.

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