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What is Laser Hair REGENhair?

Both men and women can experience thinning hair and a receding hairline. Hair loss can be a significant source of insecurity. Sexual Wellness Centers of Texas is proud to offer REGENhair, a laser procedure for hair restoration that is an alternative to a hair transplant. For less than the price of a hair transplant, REGENhair can awaken inactive growth factors and cells on the head and stimulate hair growth that is up to four times thicker. If you or your loved one are suffering from hair loss or a receding hairline, contact our Frisco, TX location and schedule your consultation for REGENhair.

How is Laser Hair REGENhair performed?

Prior to your treatments, our team will complete a comprehensive medical examination to help determine the root cause of your hair loss. If deemed necessary, a regenerative PRP injection may be included with your laser treatments. The laser treatment procedure itself is typically completed in 45 – 60-minute sessions, and the number of sessions you require will be based on your individual treatment plan. The majority of patients experience little to no discomfort during the procedure, but our team can utilize several advanced anesthesia options for patients with higher levels of anxiety. Patients will often start to notice the benefits of the program within 1 – 2 months with the final results typically visible after 4 – 6 months.

Thicken hair without a transplant

For patients experiencing hair loss, REGENhair offers a minimally invasive and less costly alternative to a hair transplant. REGENhair uses your body's own natural healing ability to help begin to regrow hair again. Enjoy thicker hair and a great confidence boost. Contact Sexual Wellness Centers of Texas in Frisco, TX to learn more about this advanced treatment for hair loss.

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