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What is the HEshot?

Sexual health is an important staple of our overall well-being, which is why Sexual Wellness Centers of Texas strives to craft procedures and techniques that help all of our patients enjoy a healthy, active sex life. For men, erectile dysfunction (or ED) causes frustration and distress, impacting the general quality of life. Sexual Wellness Centers of Texas is proud to offer the HEshot™, which uses platelet-rich plasma and our own proprietary formula of tissue regenerative fluid to help your body naturally regenerate and remodel the collagen in the inner penile tissue. Patients receiving the HEshot™ experience such benefits as longer-lasting erections, increased sensitivity, and the ability to ejaculate. If you are looking to improve sexual performance or suffer from ED, contact our Frisco, TX location to ask about the HEshot™.

How does the HEShot work?

Following your consultation, if you are determined to be a good candidate for the HEshot™, we will go over your customized treatment plan. The procedure generally takes five minutes, and only one treatment is required to achieve optimal results. Our team can provide advanced numbing ointment to ensure you experience little to no discomfort during the procedure, and the majority of men experience minimal pain. Some men report immediate sexual performance improvement following the procedure, but the best results are typically noticeable within 3 – 4 months.

HEshot FAQ

How long do HEshot results last?
Results from a HEshot treatment can become noticeable in about 1 – 6 weeks. Though it may vary from patient to patient, your outcome can last for up to two years. Additionally, follow-up treatments can be provided to help maintain results.

How often can you receive the HEshot?
If needed, touch-up treatments can be provided annually. However, if your results last longer, you can receive additional treatments once you notice results wearing off. During a consultation at Sexual Wellness Centers of Texas, our team can determine an appropriate treatment plan to best fit your needs.

Can the HEshot increase penis size?
PRP helps to improve blood flow and promote new cell growth. In addition to treating erectile dysfunction, the HEshot can, in some cases, slightly increase penis size. However, results will vary from patient to patient.

Improved sexual performance

If you have lost optimal function in your sexual performance, then the HEshot™ could be the treatment option that helps you regain your confidence and vitality. At Sexual Wellness Centers of Texas, we are proud to offer not only the HEshot™, but many other advanced techniques, technologies, and protocols to optimize your sexual well-being. Contact our center in Frisco, TX to learn more about our individual plans for helping you enjoy your sexual health.

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