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What is the SHEShot?

A healthy, active sex life has a positive impact on a person's overall well-being, which is why Sexual Wellness Centers of Texas offers professional help to patients looking to improve their sexual performance. Childbirth, aging, hormone imbalances, and other medical conditions can greatly impact a woman's vaginal health, and by extension, her sexual desire and performance. Our clinic is proud to provide women with the SHEshot®. Unlike the popular O-Shot®, which uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP), the SHEshot® utilizes our own proprietary formula of tissue regenerative fluid (TRF), to help your body naturally regenerate your genital tissues. Patients receiving the SHEshot® report such benefits as stronger orgasms, more frequent orgasms, and increased sensitivity. If you have lost optimal sexual performance, contact our Frisco or Colleyville, TX location to ask about the SHEshot®.

What Are The Benefits Of The SHEshot?

SHEshot treatments performed at Sexual Wellness Centers of Texas are minimally invasive therapies that can deliver fantastic results and return you to a more satisfying and functional level of sexual health. If you need a boost in your intimate life due to aging, childbirth, or any other reason that has resulted in a lack of confidence and performance, our Frisco and Colleyville, TX teams may be able to help. Benefits of SHEshot treatments may include:

  • Stimulating the growth of new, healthier vaginal tissue
  • Restoring vaginal function
  • Decreasing pain during sex and intimacy
  • Improving lubrication
  • Enhancing sexual desire and enjoyment
  • Boosting sensitivity in intimate areas
  • Stronger, more frequent orgasms
  • Results can be seen in as little as 4 – 6 weeks
  • Improves upon similar PRP therapies with a proprietary formula
  • No surgery
  • Little to no downtime

Who is a candidate for the SHEshot?

Patients must undergo an evaluation with our staff to ensure that the SHEshot is right for their needs. During a consultation, Sexual Wellness Centers of Texas will review your health history and current symptoms. We also perform a physical exam to check for any underlying conditions that could impact the success of the SHEshot. Please inform us about any current medical conditions or medications that may affect your eligibility. Women with an active infection or who are currently pregnant or nursing may not be candidates for the SHEshot at this time.

How does the SHEShot work?

The SHEshot® is performed in a private treatment room at our center in Frisco and Colleyville, TX. Our team can provide advanced numbing ointment to ensure you experience little to no discomfort during the procedure, and the majority of patients experience less then minimal pain. Many women report a period of hyper-sexuality immediately after their procedure with maximum benefits noticeable within about 4 – 6 weeks. The SHEshot® can be included as part of our REGENmax® program to optimize your sexual health.

What should I expect after?

Your body will immediately respond to the SHEshot and begin regenerating new tissue and cell growth. It may take some weeks before you notice the full effects of these results. However, many of our Frisco and Colleyville, TX patients report noticing their sexual desire increase greatly in the days and weeks following their treatment. There is no needed downtime after your treatment although you may wish to discuss with your provider restrictions on sexual activity as your body heals. Otherwise, you will be free to go about your normal daily activities after leaving our office.



How much does the SHEshot cost?

The exact price of the SHEshot will vary from patient to patient, depending on their exact needs and goals. During your consultation, we will listen to your concerns and assess your body before deciding on your exact treatment plan. At this time, we'll also be able to provide a detailed cost estimate.

Is the SHEshot covered by medical insurance?

Generally, the SHEshot is not covered by insurance due to its classification as an elective procedure. However, its ability to treat certain medical conditions, such as urinary incontinence, may make it eligible in certain circumstances. It's always a good idea to let us know about these concerns so we can answer your questions beforehand.

How long do results from the SHEshot last?

While the results are not permanent, many women report noticing results for three years or even longer. However, we usually recommend repeat treatments about every 18 months to maintain the optimal results of the treatment.

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Professional Help for Sexual well-being

If you experience vaginal dryness, painful sex, incontinence, decreased ability to orgasm, or a lowered sex drive and would like to optimize your sexual performance again, consider the SHEshot™ at Sexual Wellness Centers of Texas. Our team of professionals is dedicated to bringing you the most advanced and effective treatment options to help you enjoy sexuality as late in life as you desire. Contact our clinic in Frisco or Colleyville, TX to learn more about how we can craft a customized treatment plan for you.

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