Weight Loss Injections in Frisco and Colleyville, TX

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What are weight loss injections?

Many men and women struggle to lose those extra few pounds, even when adhering to a healthy diet and exercise routine. In some instances, it can seem that even with sticking to healthy meal portions, your hunger never fully subsides. If this struggle sounds familiar, you may benefit from semaglutide weight loss injections. As a glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1) produced by the gut, semaglutide works to control blood sugar levels, allowing for decreased appetite and energy intake. In turn, this innovative weight loss injection can help signal to the brain that you are full, eliminating the need for late-night snacking or overindulging. Additionally, semaglutide can also decrease the risk of diabetes and promote cardiovascular health. 

At Sexual Wellness Centers of Texas, we are proud to offer innovative weight loss options, including semaglutide injections, to help you look and feel your best. To learn more, contact us in Frisco and Colleyville, TX to schedule your initial consultation. 

How do weight loss injections work?

Semaglutide was initially prescribed to help patients with type 2 diabetes regulate blood sugar levels. In 2021, semaglutide injections received FDA approval for chronic weight management. By triggering the brain's response of feeling full or satisfied, these injections can reduce hunger and food cravings. Unlike some other weight loss medications, semaglutide does not cause jitters, heart racing, or sleep issues.

Our team at Sexual Wellness Centers of Texas will consult with you before providing your customized semaglutide weight loss injection program. We will evaluate your medical history and weight loss goals to determine your best course of treatment. Many patients will require weekly injections for a minimum of six months in order to see the best possible results. 

Experience Optimal Results

At Sexual Wellness Centers of Texas, our weight loss injection treatment with semaglutide provides Frisco and Colleyville, TX men and women with the ability to elevate weight loss for a healthier lifestyle. Allowing you to control hunger and kickstart your healthy diet and exercise routine, semaglutide weight loss injections can help you shed unwanted fat. Contact our state-of-the-art facility to schedule your initial consultation and learn more about semaglutide weight loss injections today.

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